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02 Oct (08:30 - 11:00)
02 Oct (11:00 - 13:45)
02 Oct (15:30 - 17:45)
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03 Oct (15:30 - 17:45)


“Climate change is the greatest thread for Global Health in the 21st Century” (Lancet, 2009) Though this statement has been validated within the last 10 years it masks one major aspect. Those who contribute to climate change and those who suffer from it today and in the future are unequally distributed geographically as well as socio-economically. Historically it has been rich people in the global north that have emitted by far the largest amount of greenhouse gases, while poor people in the global south suffer the most from the direct and indirect effects of climate change. Thus, from our perspective sustainable development must prioritize to cut emissions in societies that have contributed to climate change the most and to strengthen those societies that are most affected.

During our session we will cover the basics of climate injustice and link it to the distribution of health effects caused by climate change. As northern Spain and many of the participants countries of origin are already affected by climate change, we will create a space where experiences, emotions and perspectives can be shared. Our session will be highly interactive and adapted to participants needs and wishes.


Healthy Climate Action Group

Germany based group of health and climate justice activists

The Healthy Climate Action Group (Aktionsgruppe Gesundes Klima) is a Germany based group of health and climate justice activists from the field of medicine and public health. Our aim is to make connections between academia and civil society, as well as between the health and climate justice movements. We give workshops for various groups, have speeches on conferences and demonstrations and publish articles to fight for a healthy climate that makes health for all possible. To CODES we will come as a small delegation: Pia, an environmental psychology student, Joe, a practicing physician and Flo, a public health student.