What´s CODES?

The III Formative Congress of Sustainable Development (previously known as “Formative Congress in International Cooperation”) is a youth initiative that aims bringing to the general public, especially to the youth, an alternative and innovative formation in reality and values to face the era of globalization with an intercultural, multidisciplinary and inclusive vision, in the university framework.

CoDeS - Qué es CoDeS - Una Iniciativa Juvenil

CoDeS is a youth initiative

Since its origins when the first edition of the congress was launched, the entire organizing committee was formed by university students under 23 years old. Over time, the bulk of the organization continues to remain in this group of students at the University of Valladolid, but new organizations are joining to professionalize the offer and provide new ideas to this dream that is becoming increasingly real

CoDeS - Qué es CoDeS - Formación Alternativa e Innovadora

An alternative and original formation

Forgetting the traditional master classes and vertical relationships between teachers and students, and betting on a new era, still fictitious, of shared pedagogy that links the concepts of rigor, fun, challenge and motivation in one single . We believe that an effective didactic is one in which every person is not only a student but also a teacher at the same time.
That is why, besides the conferences, discussion tables and other conventional activities that we find in other congresses, in CoDeS we challenge our imagination to create new activities that follow this philosophy of inclusive learning, through few people workshops, group works, debate spaces, human libraries, social protest program and many more ideas.

CoDeS - Qué es CODES - Educación en realidad y valores

Educates in reality and values to face the era of globalization

Nobody who attends the congress could name as « integral » the formation received at their school or university. They do not teach us to be aware of the global consequences of our actions, our consumption, our passivities. The current world is specialized and is specializing even more, and we together with it. We wear glasses that make us ignore the reality that surrounds us and disregard so many circumstances that we generate and affects the global development. In CoDeS we seek to break down reality in all its aspects to provide real tools for the  present and future generations of professionals, that can give that touch of responsibility to each of the decisions they will make in the future, that sooner or later, although we will not see them, will affect the development of the planet.

CoDeS - Qué es CODES - Lejos de los flujos de información mayoritarios

CoDeS moves away from the major information flows and gives a complementary image of reality

Our senses are monopolized by social networks and the main communication medias that generate in us a shared and, unfortunately, insufficient mode of thinking. We must make the effort to receive information from minority media, from forgotten realities, stories that since a long time ago moved away from the focus of public opinion, but that are still real and are the pieces of the puzzle that we lack to understand reality, or at least, to understand other realities. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie calls it the "danger of a single story" and describes it as the way to emphasize the way people from different backgrounds are different, instead of emphasizing their similarities

CoDeS - Qué es CODES - Desarrollo Pluridisciplinar

The development is multidisciplinary

CoDeS must show the role of each of the disciplines of development, and the connections between them. That is why in the formative offer of the congress all kinds of fields of knowledge are included.

CoDeS - Qué es CODES - Implicación de la Universidad

CoDeS involves the University

To ensure the rigor of the content offered and that the effort of each of the attendees is granted official recognition. In addition, in this edition, we include within the activities of the group an Academic Congress so that young researchers can show and disseminate their work related to sustainable development. A perfect environment to teach, learn and be known at the same time.


¡África shouts! ¿Where do they voices go?

Africa is one of the most unknown, ignored and abused, up to now, areas in the world. When last year we launched the theme “Africa, a continent condemned by prejudices and globalization” we did not expect to discover a society so eager to shout, to take possession of their own existence and to reclaim the property of their image and their dignity, even in our most near reality.

Creating this relevant space of inclusion, that had been absent previously (and we would even dare to say multitudinous) we believe that a new edition is required to consolidate all the knowledge exposed in the previous one, and to explore it from different and yet unknown aspects such as the art and the world of resistances and social movements, amongst others. All of this so as to put faces and voices to the people and the African diaspora, that are far beyond the short social media reviews that focus on showing only a single story of the boundless scenario that they really represent.


1 to 5 October 2019

Proponemos una nueva versión otoñal del congreso que nos permita preparar el congreso con más tiempo debido a los requerimientos que exige este nuevo formato.


CoDeS is presented this year with a mixed format that includes::

Academic Congress


Formative Congress



To create an educational space for development education that will contribute to create a society with more formed and critical opinions on the current state of the planet.

Specific transversal objectives of the congress

To break with the stereotypes generated in the population about the reality of the African continent
To make a historical and geopolitical review of the circumstances that affect the continent's development
To study the sustainability and effectiveness of actions taken for the achievement of SDGs on the continent
Generate networks of exchange and work that perpetuate the ideas of the congress beyond it