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Organising institutions - Nanou Ki

Nanou Ki

Nanou ki is born as a youth association whose aim is to offer specific training in education for sustainable development from a holistic and humanistic point of view, respecting the principles and values on the basis of which it is constituted.

Nanou ki means “I love you“ in baatonum, the language of northern Benin, a place where many of us open our eyes, and we wanted it to represent us so that we don´t orget what it is that has made us who we are.

Organising institutions - Wiriko


Group of young professionals with a wide humanistic background and experience in topics related to human sciences in the African Continent, that works to keep open an activist Afrocentric window in which people can get in touch with the african arts and cultures. Among their goals we emphasize their fight to remind and keep visible the african cultures among different teaching and divulgating activities all over the country, and also being active to reach this goal in the field of audiovisual and cultural management.