This year we bring another innovation: we offer 15 scholarships.

Are you interested? In order to obtain it, you will have to write a motivation letter, filling up the form below and sending it to

The decision will be made according to the score obtained out of 10 (with a maximum of 5 points for the motivation letter and 1 point for each one of the criteria, and 2 points for the distance).

The selection criteria will be as follows:




  • Being student or unemployed

  • Attendance at previous congresses

  • Living outside Valladolid (0-2)

  • Not eligible for other discounts (Youth Card)

*** If the scholarship is received, a minimum of 85% of the congress activities must be attended (the signature of the organizers being required in each of them).

If what was agreed is not accomplished, the scholarship holder must pay the amount corresponding to the entry.