Medina de Rioseco


Medina de Rioseco, located 40 km from Valladolid, is located between Valladolid and León.

Declared a Historic-Artistic Site, the City of Admirals was populated by Vacceos, Celts, Romans... its moment of greatest splendour coincided with the settlement of the Admirals of Castile in the City in the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Highlights include the Church of Santa María, with the spectacular Chapel of the Benavente; the Church of Santiago; the Church of Santa Cruz, home to the Easter Museum; the Church of San Francisco, the current headquarters of the Museum of San Francisco; the Church of San Pedro Mártir; the Convents of Santa Clara and San José and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Castilviejo.

The gates of the old wall (Arco de San Sebastián, Ajújar, and Zamora) and the old alhóndiga, a 16th century building, popularly known as "El Torno".

The Canal de Castilla, the great work of hydraulic engineering of the 19th century, constitutes a green route of incalculable historical and environmental value.

Tourist resources include the boat 'Antonio de Ulloa', the Flour Factory 'San Antonio' and Active Tourism Programme 'The Canal Adventure'.

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