The cause of the Saharawi people, faced with the ineffectiveness of the UN to resolve the conflict according to its own resolutions, is prolonged over time. The people of Western Sahara have been waiting for self-determination for more than 40 years. In all this waiting, new generations, refugees and people under Moroccan occupation take charge of the search for freedom. Resisting, not only to the military occupation, but to the harsh realities that live to guarantee a dignified future.

 The resistance of young Sahrawis has three aspects: young people living under Moroccan occupation, young people living in exile in the fields of Algeria and those living in the world diaspora, as is the case with the LEJSEE components. What do they have in common? What is the difference between them? How does the youth participate in the functioning of the Polisario Front? How do you do it in the Saharawi diplomatic struggle? What does a young Saharawi represent abroad?

 In this workshop we will also address the problem of young people without opportunities, the problem of uprooting or the growing challenge of young people who want to return to the armed struggle. Is violence the way?

 Structure of guide:

1- History of Western Sahara and the Saharawi people (15 min).

2- The Polisario Front, Saharawi liberation movement (15 min).

3- The young Sahrawis in the occupied territories, in the fields and in the diaspora. Your role in the cause and its challenges (20 min).

4- The Saharawi cause at the international level (15 min).

5- Solidarity with the Saharawi people (15 min).


CODES - Ponentes - LEJSEE


Liga de Estudiantes y Jóvenes Saharauis en el Estado Español

Liga de Estudiantes y Jóvenes Saharauis en el Estado Español
The League of Sahrawi students and youth in Spain (LEJSEE) is a branch of the UESARIO, Unión de estudiantes de Saguia El-Hamra y Rio de Oro.

It was created on February 26, 2012 in order to agglomerate students and young Sahrawis living in Spain under a political and social structure capable of having a weight and strength as a component of Sahrawi society, and also be the collective tool to fight for the right of self-determination of the Saharawi people and their national cause, under the slogan: Youth of the Polisario Front, the guarantee of INDEPENDENCE.

Mohamed Hnini, Federal President of LEJSEE, will accompany us in this workshop representing his organization.