Resistances workshops (Section 2)


CODES - Actividades - Segundo bloque de talleres: Resistencias
02 Oct (12:00 - 14:00)
03 Oct (12:00 - 14:00)
03 Oct (16:00 - 18:00)

We will study the reactive social movements to the neocolonial reality that governs the continent by linking the different cases of study with the struggle for the achievement of the SDGs. Not from the perspective of the international relations but emphasizing the initiatives born inside the continent.


Born in Telde (Gran Canaria) on November 23, 1971. He graduated in journalism at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1994. Between 1998 and 2010 he specialized in the phenomenon of African immigration towards Spain.

He has written the books "Cayucos" (Editorial Debate, 2006), with which he was finalist of the Debate Prize and, "Los invisibles de Kolda" (Editorial Península, 2009). For his work he has received the Canary Islands Communication Prize in 2016, the Human Rights Award from the General Council of the Spanish Law in 2007 and the Antonio Mompeón Motorcycle Prize for Journalism in 2006 awarded by El Heraldo de Aragón.


Since the year 2011 he lives in Senegal, where he regularly collaborates with media such as El País, the Canary Islands newspaper La Provincia and the magazine Mundo Negro, among others.

From 2011 to 2018 it has made a special follow-up and on the field of the Mali war, the Ebola epidemic in Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone and Liberia, the conflict of Boko Haram in Chad, Niger and Nigeria, terrorism in the Sahel, the routes of African immigration in countries such as Senegal, Mali, Niger and Mauritania and, the political transition in Gambia.

During his stays in Spain, he combined his work as a journalist with his participation in courses, workshops and seminars specialized in journalism and Africa.

He currently teaches a workshop on African news and journalism at the School of Journalism of El País and has been a professor on Africa in the degree of international relations at the Universidad de Loyola, Andalucia.

Trifonia Melibea Obono

LGTBI+ situation

Trifonia Melibea Obono (Equatorial Guinea, 1982) is a journalist and political scientist, as well as a professor and researcher on women and gender in Africa. She has been a professor in the literature and social sciences faculty of the UNGE (National University of Equatorial Guinea) in Malabo since 2013 and is part of the team of the Afro-Hispanic Studies Center of the UNED. She is finishing her PhD in interdisciplinary studies in gender and equality at the University of Salamanca.

Ángeles Jurado


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1971. Journalist, graduate in Information Sciences in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Master in Humanitarian Assistance from University College Dublin. Currently and since 2007, part of the communication team of Casa Africa. Editor of the blog “ Africa No es un Pais” (Africa is not a country) and Planeta Futuro, of El Pais. She has collaborated in specialized media such a Ocean Africa of La Vanguardia, Afribuku, Africaye, Mundo Negro, Altair, El Orden Mundial en el siglo XXI, Revista 21, EsGlobal and Canarias3puntocero. Sometimes, he also writes fiction.

Hayat Traspas


Co-founder of the NGO "Save a girl, save a generation", an organization whose purpose is contribute to a world where women and girls will be free from female genital mutilation, forced marriages and all forms of gender-based violence. Where girls and women have the power to be agents of change and contribute to education, health and leadership in their communities. He exercises the work of activist for this cause in the media, having been interviewed in programs like "El Intermedio".