Travel is a constant in African tradition and only recently this travel experience has been formulated in terms of migration and given a critical connotation by often adding the previous indicator of "the immigration problem". Travel is a fundamental element of the configuration and development of humanity. Precisely, the human being, began to travel in Africa, at the dawn of humanity, if that had not happened, the evolution of the human being would have been different.

African tradition has given systematic prominence to travel, which is reflected as a form of growth. With this workshop, we intend to open up a space for a different interpretation of travel, first as an unavoidable historical constant and then as a process of construction, as oral tradition and African literature have shown. Through this literature we present the different ways of reflecting the journey for the African authors themselves, until they reach the present day.


Carlos Bajo Erro

Cyberactivist, journalist and a passionate of the African literature

Co-founder of Wiriko. Graduate in Journalism (UN), postgraduate in Conflict and Peace Communication (UAB) and Euro-African Master in Social Sciences of Development: Cultures and Development in Africa (URV). He is co-author of the essay Social Networks for Change in Africa (IV Premio de Ensayo Casa África). His fields of interest and study are communication, ICTs and literature. Responsible for the areas of Communication and Publications and coordinator of the Wiriko literatures section.