Before colonization, Africans created systems of scriptures that had nothing to do with the current Latin scriptures that attempt to teach and timidly learn some African languages.

The violence used in the transformation of post-colonization African cognitive and socio-cultural profiles had its greatest impact on Christian and Islamic schools and religious spaces. But this process of transformation did not prevent the first colonized adults from expressing their rejection and consequent resistance to the imposition of English, French, Portuguese, German, Spanish... in Africa.

This workshop will focus on the discovery of these first linguistic resistances, often interrupted and hidden by colonization, which decreased as literacy from the colonial school reached more people. Can we speak today of linguistic resistance in Africa? What does the African Union and the African States themselves do or say to support and/or promote the knowledge, use and systematic transmission of African languages? Why are African languages not taught after primary education? These and other questions will be answered during this workshop


CODES - Ponentes - Justo Bolekia

Justo Bolekia

Member of the RAE, philologist, novelist and poet

Bubi writer (Equatorial Guinea), was born on December 13, 1954, in Santiago de Baney (Island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea). He is a Doctor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (since 1986), PhD from the University of Salamanca (since 2007) and a PhD award from this University. Professor of the Department of French Philology in the University of Salamanca.