Introductory activity


01 Oct (16:00 - 18:00)


We will contribute to enhance the local and global vision of development, based on our lighthouse project, called #LAB DEF'ART JOTNA. That means "it is time to create", but not only to create, also to create with ART, an art that defines both the philosophy and vision of our work. The magic cry of all these young people who are marking the destiny of a generation. From this point, we will inspire a more conscious and connected world.


Mamadou Dia

Writer, activist, founder and President of the NGO "Hahatay, son risas de Gandiol".

Writer, founder and President of the Ong Hahatay, son risas de Gandiol. Activist and Pan-Africanist. He studied Social Work between Africa and Europe. He arrived in Spain in a canoe when he was little more than 20 years old, returning later to Senegal with the aim of explaining his compatriots that Europe is not the paradise.

Published books: "3052 Persiguiendo un sueño "and "A las 15:00".

Hahatay son risas de Gandiol

What is Hahatay? What about us? We are an NGO that works for the community development of Gandiol, located in the north of Senegal. Founded by Mamadou Dia after his trip to Europe and the publication of his first book "3052".
Hahatay is today a meeting space that unites a group of people with the same concern and commitment to be involved in an integral human development.
We reflect, relearn and act through miscegenation as a tool for inclusion and participation.