Immigration detention facilities: reality and alternatives

Policies and International Relations


Every year, thousands of people risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean with the hope of finding on the other side an opportunity to develop their vital projects. What is it on the other side? Santiago Yerga is one of the greatest experts on the current situation of migration in the Mediterranean, and active structures prepared for the reception of these people. This workshop reveals the reality that is lived in the Mediterranean every day, the real treatment that migrants receive once they reach Europe, and a review of the legal framework that covers them, stating the main problems that arise with the current model and proposing possible solutions.


CODES - Ponentes - Santiago Yerga

Santiago Yerga

Technician at "Defensor del Pueblo", expert in migration in the Mediterranean

Technician of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture of the Ombudsman. Previously, Deputy Director of the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Immigration and Coordinator of the National Program of CIEs.

Lawyer, teacher and legal advisor in matters of immigration in numerous organizations such as Pueblos Unidos and public institutions and universities, mainly in Andalucia.

Co-author of the 2016 report "25.66 daily average of forced repatriations" on the situation of the CIEs in Spain.