So much has been focused on Africa as a whole filled with misery, hunger, war and disease that it could be said that this reductionist vision has blinded us, preventing us from seeing the full picture. But if we open the diaphragm, the continent stands diverse in realities, creative in the face of its challenges, and overflowing with talent, as the African visual arts demonstrate. In this workshop, we will stop to see where western myopia comes from in order to reorient the gaze of the hand of artists coming from the African continent. Their artistic works are the keys to opening the doors and letting the air enter the Western collective imagination, we are going to know how to reach them.


CODES - Ponentes - Ruth Fernández Sanabria

Ruth Fernández Sanabria

Journalist specialized in African cultures and societies

Ruth Fernández Sanabria is a journalist specialized in African cultures and societies. She studied Journalism at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Master in African Studies at Universidad de La Laguna. She coordinates the Visual Arts section in Wiriko, collaborates in Radio Club Tenerife Cadena SER with a section dedicated to African news and writes punctually in Planeta Futuro y “África no es un país”, in El País, activities that she combines with communication work for different organisations.