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Juán López

Architect harnessed in social action

Juan López-Aranguren graduated in architecture from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Madrid, although it took him 14 years to finish his degree.

Those 14 years, he claims to have invested them well. He has travelled the world with friends, carrying out projects that are difficult to catalogue and which have been the object of study from fields as diverse as architecture or anthropology, and which include institutions such as the German Ministry of Culture, the neighbourhood association ZOFIO, La Caixa Foundation, the CSIC, the World Design Capital and the Guggenheim in New York, among others.

He has led programmes such as Autobarrios, Imaginar Patio, Residuos Urbanos Sólidos or In love We Trash, which have been awarded and published both nationally and internationally.

Juan has developed community architecture works in favelas and peripheral neighbourhoods in Sao Paulo, Lima, Madrid and Niamey, setting in motion innovative methodologies of social action and qualitative intervention.

He is currently coordinating the Imagina Madrid programme for Madrid City Council.