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CODES - Actividades - Programa Social 2


The social program 2 consists of a space enabled to enjoy cultural diversity through art. To do so, La Candela Teatro will guide us through a process of joint creation with the assistants in a village in the province of Valladolid, where the following live activities will be found to accompany the trip:

-Realization of a graffiti in a common area, by Deep. It will be based on the stories that people tell through the process of creation.

-Photographic exhibition with photos contributed by the speakers of the congress, all of them about the reality of the African continent.

- Live concert, by Seydu, singer and musician from Sierra Leone.




Vocalist, songwriter, percussionist and luthier, was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, in a family of musicians.

He grew up listening to the songs of his mother, mix Fullah and Mandingo, and assimilating the rhythms that his grandfather played on the drums, experiences that have marked his musical identity.

From an early age Seydu was an integrant of the ” Sierraleonean National Dance Troupe “, founded by his grandfather.

With this troupe he traveled to Nigeria where he lived in the commune of Fela Kuti.

At the age of 20 he moved to Spain, where he studied music and formed different bands of jazz, afro, latin, reggae, etc

He played with great artists like: Stevie Wonder (in Spain) Alejandro Sanz, Kiko Veneno, Auserón Santiago, Miguel Bosé, Rosario Flores, Ketama, Serrat, Kepa Junkera, Youssou N’Dour, Lokua kanza, etc.

Seydu founded the NGO “Diamond Child School of arts & culture” in 2005 to provide an opportunity for disadvantaged children and youth in his country.



Graffitero senegalés del grupo "Mizerables" pioneros en el arte urbano senegalés.

Los  “Mizerables” es uno de los grupos de graffiteros más conocidos en Dakar.  Está formado por los artistas Tonton Deep y Big Key – ambos son pioneros en el arte graffitero senegalés. 

CODES - Programa Social - La Candela

La Candela

Teatro y comunidad

La Candela – Teatro y Comunidad está liderada por un equipo transdiciplinar del ámbito educativo, el trabajo social y las artes escénicas que centra su trabajo en la intervención socioeducativa a través del teatro. Impulsa el teatro social como una herramienta educativa eficaz para mostrar las desigualdades sociales y fomentar la inclusión social, el empoderamiento la conciencia crítica y responsable en la sociedad.