African regional organisations in the global political economy

Policies and International Relations

English workshop - Synopsis

While the African Union is globally recognizable institution, many African intergovernmental institutions such as IGAD, ECOWAS, CEMAC and SADC are lesser known internationally despite the significant role they play in platforming African integration, trade and regional cooperation in the global political economy. In this interactive workshop, we will emphasize the political and economic relationships that these organisations mediate within the African continent, as well as on the strengths, weaknesses and prospects of their work in the middle- and long-term. By examining the origins, goals, competence and capacity of these organisations, the goal of this workshop is to familiarize participants with these institutions, and to discuss the economical and geopolitical influence of their actions from a critical postcolonial perspective.


CODES - Ponentes - Eric Otieno

Eric Otieno

Scholar, writer anf facilitator in postcolonial studies

Eric Otieno is a scholar, writer and facilitator interested in the intersections between social justice, postcolonial politics, the global 'order' and contemporary art & culture. He is a PhD candidate at the Department of Development and Postcolonial Studies at the University of Kassel, Germany, following degrees in Sociology/Political Science and Global Political Economy. Eric is contributing editor of GRIOT magazine and writes for various online and print publications.