Estrella Sendra

PhD in African Languages and Cultures from SOAS, University of London


Estrella Sendra holds a PhD in African Languages and Cultures from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, University of London), where she currently works as a Senior Teaching Fellow in Film and Screen Studies. In addition, she works as a Teaching Fellow in Global Media Industries at Winchester School of Art (WSA), University of Southampton. She is currently a lecturer in the Masters in Global Media Management at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. 

Her thesis analyzes cultural festivals in Senegal, such as the International Festival of Folklore and Percussion (FESFOP), in Louga, as the main case study. Estrella holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism from the University of Seville, followed by a Master's Degree in Critical Media and Cultural Studies at SOAS. Estrella combines her teaching and research activity with practice in the media and cultural industries, as a documentary filmmaker, such as Témoignages de l'autre côté (2011, Spain) and Témoiganges ... "waa suñu gaal," (2016, Senegal) co-directed with Senegalese journalist Mariama Badji, on Senegalese immigration, and occasional collaborations with Wiriko (Spain) and Le Soleil (Senegal). She has also worked in African film festivals, such as the African Film Festival of Tarifa- FCAT and Cambridge African Film Festival, which she directed in 2014 and 2015 and of which she is programmer to date.