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CODES - Actividades - Congreso Académico
04 Oct (09:00 - 18:00)

The First Congress of Young Researchers on Africa is a meeting place for all those interested in sharing their knowledge with the academic community. After the experience of the two previous editions of the  Congreso Formativo en Cooperación Internacional (currently Congreso Formativo en Desarrollo Sostenible –CoDeS–), there is now a need to organize an Academic Congress that welcomes students, academics and professionals interested in research and the dissemination of African Studies.

The organization will accept contributions that examine the local, regional, national and international dimensions of issues related to this subject. This will serve as a framework for reflection in which interdisciplinary studies can be accommodated. Since this Congress is part of the III CoDeS, the theme will revolve around the national and international policies imposed on African countries and the resistance generated against those policies.