The formative contents are distributed in activities of diverse nature, each one carefully planned and oriented for its easy comprehension and interpretation, conceiving a series of tools that will be used later in the spaces of joint creation to generate contents that visibilize opinions of young people and professionals regarding the situation, in this case, of the formulation and application of the SDG on the African continent.


Introductory activity

01 Oct (16:00 - 18:00)


We will contribute to enhance the local and global vision of development, based on our lighthouse project, called #LAB DEF'ART JOTNA. That means "it is time to create", but not only to create, also to create with ART, an art that defines both the philosophy and vision of our work. The magic cry of all these young people who are marking the destiny of a generation. From this point, we will inspire a more conscious and connected world.


Opening session: Challenges for a Sustainable Development in Africa

01 Oct (19:15 - 21:00)

Many are the challenges faced by the african societies in their way towards a Sustainable Development. In this session we want to present them from an african perspective and get away from the paternalists ways of thinking about what the world can do to help Africa, and focus on what are africans doing to develop, to show new paths towards a responsible development for the continent.


CODES - Actividades - Primer bloque de talleres: Artivismos

Artivism Workshops (Section 1)

02 Oct (09:30 - 11:30)
02 Oct (16:00 - 18:00)
03 Oct (09:30 - 11:30)

We will analyze the people’s expressions born of the different african communities by describing the problematic that each one represents and the base problem that they deny, through the development of local culture. In this thematic block, we will work on the complaint about the absence of a specific SDG that works towards the promotion and acceptance of interculturality as a new reality of the cities of the planet. Where an education and social adaptation focused on this is urgent to achieve inclusive governance globally.


CODES - Actividades - Identidad Africana: Tradición y Modernidad - Albert Roca

Conference: African Identity: modernity and tradition

02 Oct (18:30 - 20:30)



The task of trying to decipher and understand the identity of such a large and populous region of the planet is an extremely complicated one. If we face this, we must begin by asking ourselves: Is there really an identity? And if there is... Is it a single identity or are there many? What aspects do they have in common with each other?


CODES - Actividades - Segundo bloque de talleres: Resistencias

Resistances workshops (Section 2)

02 Oct (12:00 - 14:00)
03 Oct (12:00 - 14:00)
03 Oct (16:00 - 18:00)

We will study the reactive social movements to the neocolonial reality that governs the continent by linking the different cases of study with the struggle for the achievement of the SDGs. Not from the perspective of the international relations but emphasizing the initiatives born inside the continent.

Policies and International Relations

Policies and International Relations (Section 3)

04 Oct (09:30 - 11:30)
04 Oct (12:00) - 05 Oct (14:00)
05 Oct (09:30 - 11:30)

Finally, we believe that is necessary to finish by carrying out a strategic analysis of the international policies and relations in the past, and the new trends (Africa-China, BRICS ...) That draw a new geopolitical map that definitely influences the distribution of wealth, decision making and establishment of government structures on the continent. Underlining those that constitute a real threat to the achievement of the SDGs.

Policies and International Relations

CODES - Actividades - Round table discussion

Round table discussion: Neocolonialism and Development

05 Oct (17:00 - 18:45)
05 Oct (19:00 - 20:00)


Round Table discussion with 3 of the best spanish-speakers political analysts that will discuss about the role of international relations on the development of the continent.

The topics dealt with will be centred:

- On one hand, in the history and processes of conflict resolution in Africa, the economic interests generated by these conflicts and the consequences that these conflicts have for African societies.



02 Oct (16:00 - 18:00)
03 Oct (16:00 - 18:00)
04 Oct (16:00 - 18:00)

In addition to the 3 thematic blocks that make up the congress, attendees will also have group work spaces with the support of a tutor, in order to generate publishable content that could carry the ideas that are born in this congress to the entire population. Generating demands for which we put at your disposal all the tools to explore original formats and new ways of doing activism!




CODES - Actividades - Congreso Académico

Academic CODES

04 Oct (09:00 - 18:00)

The First Congress of Young Researchers on Africa is a meeting place for all those interested in sharing their knowledge with the academic community. After the experience of the two previous editions of the  Congreso Formativo en Cooperación Internacional (currently Congreso Formativo en Desarrollo Sostenible –CoDeS–), there is now a need to organize an Academic Congress that welcomes students, academics and professionals interested in research and the dissemination of African Studies.


CODES - Activities - Human Library

Human Library®

04 Oct (16:00 - 21:00)


It is a human library, in which books are people, and stories to read the lives and experiences of those people.

This is an international initiative that has already taken place in several cities around the world, with the aim of breaking stereotypes and prejudices among people, confronting them with people who embody those prejudices in real life, and with whom you will talk for 20 minutes, challenging your own beliefs.