Adaptation to multiculturalism



02 Oct (16:00 - 18:00)
03 Oct (16:00 - 18:00)
04 Oct (16:00 - 18:00)

Topics that will be discussed:

- The multiculturalism of our neighbourhoods and cities is a fact. Are we educated enough in respect to live with that reality? Is an inclusive spirit promoted?

- Analysis of the education we receive in multiculturalism and the influences of our environment.

- Reflection on the current promotion of participation in the life of the city by social groups of different origins and contexts..

- Revision and/or creation of social and urban initiatives that work for this education in the inclusion of multiculturalism as a value of the citizens. As well as strategies to increase the participation and visibility of people of different origins in the decision making of the communities.


CODES - Ponentes - Lucía Asué Mbomío

Lucía Asué Mbomío


Lucía- Asué Mbomío Rubio has a degree in journalism from the UCM, a master's degree in Development and International Aid and a graduate in Screenwriting and Documentary Direction from the Instituto de Cine de Madrid.

She has been working in television for more than a decade as a reporter and directing documentaries in around 40 countries, currently she works in "Aquí la Tierra" of TVE1, previously in "Españoles en el Mundo", "En Tierra de los Nadie", "El Método Gonzo", "Madrid Directo" or directing diverse programs in TVGE (Equatorial Guinea television).

In addition, she has written "Las que se atrevieron", a book in which she talks about the relations between white women and black men in Spain during the Late Franquism, she collaborates in the magazine focused on African Black World topics, in the online publication Píkara Magazine, in the Afroféminas blog and is responsible for the YouTube channel "Nadie nos ha dado vela en este entierro" in which, through interviews with racialized and/or migrant people, she reflects on aspects such as patriotism or the construction of identity.

In 2010 she was named young Afrodescendant referent by the Afrosocialist group, in 2013. Recently designated by a blog publication "Africa is not a country" as one of the 10 African women protagonists of 2017.

Arquitectos sin Fronteras CyL

Arquitectos sin Fronteras CyL (ASFCyL)

ASFCyL is an NGO for development that since volunteering focuses on cooperation projects, seeking a social approach to the professional practice of architecture: building, urban studies, sustainable construction, accessibility... It emerged in 1994 at the Valladolid School of Architecture and, to date, they have carried out projects in Eritrea, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Peru, Bolivia and Nicaragua. Their projects combine the official financing of Spanish institutions and entities, the professional approach and management of their partners, the workforce of the beneficiaries and the work of the local partner.